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 St. Francis Medical Center

Hospital Bills and Insurance

Your Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill reflects all of the services provided to you by our medical center during your stay. This includes the hospital facility, service, and supply costs associated with your care. The hospital bill does not include the services of your physicians; each will bill you separately. This includes the emergency doctor, radiologist, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and other physician specialists. The hospital will submit an itemized hospital bill to your insurance company directly. After the insurance company pays its share of your bill, any remainder of the bill that is your financial responsibility will be billed to you directly.

Health Insurance Assistance

Our health benefits resource center (HBRC) is a one-stop information and referral service for individuals and families in need. HBRC counselors can connect you with government-funded health benefits such as MediCal. Our certified enrollment counselors can also help you enroll in a Covered California health plan. In addition, we can help you gain access to important resources including food assistance through CalFresh.

See also: Financial Assistance

If You are Covered by Medi-Cal or Medicare

We will need a copy of your Medi-Cal eligibility card or Medicare card to verify eligibility and to process your billing information. Deductibles and co-payments are your financial responsibility.

If You are a Member of an HMO or PPO

Your health plan may have special requirements such as pre-certification or authorization for certain tests and procedures. It is your responsibility to make sure the requirements of your health plan have been met. If your plan’s requirements are not followed, you may be financially responsible for all or part of the services rendered.

If you have questions regarding your hospital bills you may contact Patient Financial Services at (310) 900-7420.

Your Physician’s Bills

Physicians are members of the medical staff and are not employees or agents of the hospital. You will receive bills directly from the physicians that care for you during your hospital stay. If you have any questions regarding your physician’s bills, you may contact them at the telephone number listed on their billing statement(s).

If You Have Health Insurance

It is a good idea to know the terms of your insurance coverage before you are admitted to the medical center. Most insurance companies require that non-emergency patients receive pre-authorization for medical services. Your doctor will either schedule an appointment at St. Francis Medical Center for your procedure, or will provide you with Physician’s Orders so that you can schedule an appointment yourself. If your doctor makes the appointment for you, please confirm the date and time with his or her office.

Once your procedure is scheduled, a member of our Pre-Registration team will contact you to pre-register you prior to your date of service.

When you pre-register, please have a copy of your insurance identification card. We may also need the insurance forms supplied by your employer or insurance company. You will be asked to assign benefits from the insurance company directly to the medical center.

  • If you have any questions, please call our Registration Department at (310) 900-4511.
  • On the date of service, please bring your insurance identification card and a valid picture ID.
  • After the insurance company pays its share of your bill, the remainder of the bill becomes your responsibility, and the medical center will bill you.