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About Us

History of St. Vincent Medical Center

We’ve been here for quite some time, and witnessed monumental changes in both our hospital and in the medical profession. In our time, we’ve seen small pox become a disease of the past, and open heart surgery progress to beating heart surgery.

Established in 1856 by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul as the first hospital in Los Angeles, St. Vincent Medical Center has both a strong history and a glorious future.

St. Vincent Medical Center Timeline

Daughters of Charity (Daughters) arrive in “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles,” or “City of Our Lady, Queen of Angels.” They began a school and orphanage, and within a few months, were asked to care for the sick.
Daughters incorporate Los Angeles Infirmary under their own ownership, the first women in the region to do so.
Smallpox epidemic ravages Los Angeles; Daughters provide care.
Six and one half acres of land purchased by Daughters for $10,000 at Beaudry Park for new hospital.
New hospital, Los Angeles Infirmary, erected at Sunset and Beaudry.
Another smallpox epidemic swept through Los Angeles, claiming the lives of two Daughters who were caring for the sick.
Daughters of Charity establish the St. Vincent College of Nursing.
Los Angeles Infirmary becomes first hospital in California accredited by the American College of Surgeons.
Name changed to from Los Angeles Infirmary to St. Vincent’s Hospital.
Estelle Doheny Wing added to Hospital.
First successful open-heart surgery on West Coast performed at St. Vincent’s Hospital.
St. Vincent’s Hospital doctors were first to use the surgical microscope to operate on the inner ear.
St. Vincent’s Hospital was the first hospital to offer hemodialysis to kidney failure patients.
First artificial heart implanted. First human heart transplantation.
Groundbreaking for new 381-bed St. Vincent’s Hospital.
Name changed to St. Vincent Medical Center.
St. Vincent Medical Center’s first heart transplant.
Pancreatic cell transplant at St. Vincent Medical Center to overcome diabetes made headlines.

St. Vincent Medical Center Liver transplant program founded.

St. Vincent Medical Center departs from Daughters of Charity National Healthcare System and affiliates with Catholic Healthcare West hospital system.

St. Vincent Medical Center and Daughters of Charity celebrate 140 years in Los Angeles.
Daughters Charity Health System is established in California. St. Vincent Medical Center, along with seven other hospitals, joins the new system, leaving the Catholic Healthcare West hospital system.
St. Vincent Medical Center becomes a part of Verity Health System.

St. Vincent Medical Center is dedicated to nurturing healthy children and families, fostering self-sufficiency, and enhancing individual and community well being. Through value-based collaboration, our goal is to improve the health of our community.

If you’re coming to this Southern California city for treatment at St. Vincent Medical Center, we invite you to embrace the warmth of the city. A warmth that extends to the halls of our hospital.

For more information on Los Angeles, visit the Los Angeles Country Visitors Bureau at

For information on flying into Los Angeles International Airport visit

The word “verity” refers to the state of being true. For all of us associated with Verity Health System, that means we will be authentic in our interactions with our patients, their family members and with each other. We choose to align ourselves with the following values, aspiring to live into these values each day so that they may guide our actions.


We demonstrate that we value others and ourselves through our words and actions.

Respect is something that comes from the heart to better serve people.
Ana Hernandez, Environmental Services


We provide our patients and their families with compassionate, quality care, treating them and each other with kindness.

Caring isn't just a ‘social work’ value; it's a human value. Recognizing the humanity in others allows my team and me to genuinely care for those who need us most.
Joshua Letuligasenoa, Social Work Services


We act with honesty and transparency and do the right thing.

Integrity is undivided identity. My goal is to take the honest and genuine character that I strive to live out day to day to my nursing practice.
Sierra Kaufman, RN, Telemetry


We are dedicated to making a difference in the health of our communities and in the lives of those we serve.


We are committed to being wise stewards of our resources, creative in our approach to challenges and opportunities, and accountable for the results we want to achieve as a charitable organization.

I am the first face a patient sees. A smile, good attitude, focus, sensitivity. Embracing my responsibilities so I can provie patients and family members with what they need—that’s stewardship.
Evalyn Armenta, Transplant and Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Institute

Effective January 1, 2019, in an effort to “improve the transparency of hospital charges”, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) has mandated that all facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs “make public a list of their standard charges” via the internet [CMS-1694-F].

Verity Health Systems gladly support this effort and is therefore providing this information to our patients by posting our price files for our facility charges on this site. Please note that the prices in the file reflect the hospital’s full charges, which do not take into account:

  • Medicare, Medi-Cal and other government health care program reimbursement rates;
  • Contract rates with health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and health insurers;
  • Other privately negotiated discounts; and
  • Hospital community benefit and charity care programs that provide care free of charge.

The charge description master (CDM) price file contains the hospital’s full charges for each item and service that the hospital provides. However, third party payers (for example, Medicare and Medi-Cal) do not necessarily pay the hospital on the basis of the CDM. Instead, they pay based on procedure or illness on the basis of a diagnosis-related group (DRG). These DRGs generally include multiple items and services listed on the CDM. A list of DRGs and an explanation of the items and services included in each DRG is included in the DRG file/available at

The CDM file consists of charges related to all services including supplies, devices, vaccines, radiopharmaceuticals, room accommodation charge codes and pharmaceuticals of patients in the Verity Health Care Systems network.

The Price File contains the following elements:

  • Procedure Charge Number – A unique identifier within the system for each chargeable item.
  • Procedure Description Name – a brief description of the service being provided
  • CPT® (Current Procedural Terminology) or HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) code – this is a nationally recognized alphanumeric code utilized by the insurance industry and government payors to identify a particular service or item.
  • Unit Price – The gross dollar amount charged for each item to the account

Variable prices may be present for services such as Reference Lab testing, implanted devices and items/services governed by other contracted rates. These prices may not be available for listing in the CDM since billed charges are based upon the charges invoiced by the contractor to Verity Health Systems at the time the service is provided.

Pharmaceutical prices listed are acquisition cost based. These costs may vary depending upon many factors such as date purchased and supplier. The patient may, therefore, see multiple prices for what appears to be the same medication. In practice, depending upon the dosage ordered by the provider, a patient may see multiple units of a single medication listed on a claim. The total of these units represents the total dosage provided to the patient. CHARGE GENERATION

Individual departments within Verity Health Systems may generate charges through an electronic charge or order communication system. Most charging information for a patient admission or encounter

originates from the CDM. The charges, charge descriptions, and all codes attached to a line item in the CDM, flow through electronic systems to Patient Financial Services (PFS), where corresponding claims are generated. The claims may be edited before submission to the appropriate payors based upon contractual terms.

The total charges listed for a particular encounter or admission may not necessarily represent the total payment expected by Verity Health Systems. The expected payment amount will vary based upon contractual arrangements between Verity Health Systems and the various payors, the insurance plan in which the patient is enrolled and other special programs for which the patient may apply and be found eligible for. We encourage you to contact our Patient Financial Services Department to assist you in estimating what your out-of-pocket expenses will be for a particular procedure.

View the Price File.

CPT® is copyright 2018 American Medical Association. All Rights Reserved. The CPT® data provided in this list is only approved & licensed for use for the approved KnowledgeSource user only. Any other use of this output or use of CPT® in any other product requires a separate license. Use of this product should not be accepted as proof of license for CPT® Editorial content by any other vendor for any other product. Please contact us for purchase of full CPT® Data files and licenses used in separate PAS or products